cashew milk is made fresh daily using raw, organic cashews, organic vanilla extract, agave nectar, filtered water

MAROON 5- coconut water, blueberry, strawberry, mango, banana

PURPLE PEANUT- cashew milk, banana, peanut butter, blueberries, agave nectar

STRAWBERRY BANANA- cashew milk, strawberry, banana, agave nectar

MOCHA FRAPPÉ- cashew milk, cold brew coffee, chocolate syrup, agave nectar, sea salt

GREEN GOODNESS- cashew milk, matcha green tea, pineapple, banana, spinach



ENERGY- maca

IMMUNITY- acai + camu

CLEANSING- blue-green algae

RECOVERY- plant protein`



CHICKEN SALAD WRAP*- house-made chicken salad with greens, rolled in a honey wheat wrap 

QUINOA & FRUIT*- fresh greens topped with quinoa, goat cheese, fruit and almonds, served with house-made lemon poppy seed dressing

TURKEY & BACON BAGEL- roasted turkey breast, bacon, and veggies served hot on a whole wheat bagel with hot pepper cheese and mayo

SOUTHWEST SALAD- fresh greens topped with black and garbanzo beans, fire roasted corn, veggies, hot pepper cheese. served with chipotle ranch 

PROTEIN SALAD- fresh greens, chicken, local free-range egg, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, house made balsamic honey vinaigrette

ITALIAN PANINI*- roasted turkey breast, pepperoni, local cheddar, greens, olive spread, pesto. toasted on semolina

TWISTED CHICKEN- grilled chicken breast, hot pepper relish, provolone, onion, spinach on a spent grain pretzel roll

QUINOA WRAP- quinoa, greens, fire roasted corn, black beans, peppers & cucumbers, local cheddar, house made chipotle ranch

SWEET BAGEL*- 8 grain bagel, cream cheese, fruit preserves, slivered almonds, local honey drizzle

SPENT GRAIN PRETZEL- served with choice of cream cheese dip

TRIPLE GRILLED CHEESE- local cheddar, provolone, and hot pepper cheese topped with greens

GRILLED CHEESE- local cheddar cheese melted on semolina bread

WEEKLY SPECIAL- ask for more details

* item contains nuts



ACAI- frozen banana, blueberry and acai berry

CHOCOLATE- frozen banana, organic cocoa, chia seed

MERMAID- frozen banana, mango, spirulina

LAVENDER- frozen banana, lavender, maqui berry